The final lecture of the M&A Deals lecture series was conducted by Stonebridge Legal lawyers for MSAL students

On 24 May, the M&A Deals programme was completed by Stonebridge Legal experts for MSAL students of Kutafin Moscow State Law University. The lectures are a part of the Stonebridge Legal educational programme.

The Stonebridge Legal lawyers immersed students in the exciting world of M&A and discussed practical aspects of market transactions.

Mikhail Loktionov, Partner, gave the introductory lecture in which he talked about types of deals and their special structures such as LBO and MBO, as well as tenders. He also explained how to approach business valuation and risk management.

In his lecture, Dmitry Pozin, CEO and Partner, discussed document types, term sheets/MoU, exclusivity and confidentiality, bargaining agreements, preliminary agreements, due diligence, signing, etc.

Alexey Yadykin, Partner, gave a lecture entitled Disputes in M&A Deals that covered choosing a dispute resolution process, execution of decisions and well-known cases in Russian court practice.

Konstantin Orlov, Counsel, spoke on strategies and negotiations and explained the main conditions of a deal, as well as how to achieve a balance of interests, and discussed locked-box vs. completion accounts. Konstantin also conducted a lecture on Corporate Agreement, which focused on corporate governance, options and default options.

Anna Venediktova, Counsel, spoke about structuring share/stock acquisition financing, antitrust regulation, foreign investment control, counter-sanctions control, and industry regulation.

Roman Prudentov, Senior Lawyer, discussed Sale and Purchase (Subscription) Agreements. His lecture covered the main and preliminary conditions, getting an out of contract break-up fee, post-completion undertakings, assurances and guarantees, limitation of liability, disclosure letters, and so on.

Yuri Nechuyatov, partner at B1 Company, spoke about taxes and what it is that has the greatest impact on M&A deals.

On 24 May, the final lecture of the course took place, during which the students received certificates of completion.