Stonebridge Legal has been engaged by Samolet Group on one of the most significant deals in the history of Russian real estate development

Stonebridge Legal lawyers are conducting legal due diligence of MIC Group, one of the largest developers in the Moscow Region, for Samolet Group as part of a landmark deal in the Russian real estate development market.

The scope of the due diligence includes the entire business of MIC Group, which comprises more than 50 legal entities, including 11 projects under construction in Moscow and the Moscow Region, land plots, management companies, and other major assets. Additionally, Samolet Group will also acquire the rights to the brand and all intellectual property assets owned by MIC Group.

According to media reports, the value of the deal exceeds 40 billion roubles, making it the largest in the history of Russian real estate development. The terms of the deal have been agreed upon and signed by the parties, and approval from the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) is expected in the near future.

Mikhail Loktionov, the project lead and a partner in Stonebridge Legal’s Corporate Practice, commented:

“The successful execution of this project is a prime example of our ability to combine expertise and strategic thinking in complex legal projects of any scale.
Working in close partnership with Samolet Group’s team, we have been able to deliver the high level of legal expertise necessary for the project’s implementation.
We take pride in our role in this landmark deal and express our gratitude to the management of Samolet Group for their trust. Our goal has always been to contribute to the success of our business partners by offering top-quality legal solutions.”


The acquisition of MIC Group will enable Samolet Group to achieve leading positions in the region and significantly accelerate the company’s growth, ensuring a high return on investment for all Samolet shareholders, whose number has already exceeded 100,000.

You can find more detailed information about the project in the firm’s press release.