For over 10 years, the Stonebridge Legal team has been advising clients on a range of issues related to sanctions imposed by the UN, EU, USA, UK and other countries.

Our experience includes giving general advice and assessing transactions with regard to compliance with sanctions and challenging sanctions restrictions.

We also advise on Russian countersanctions legislation, which includes the preparation and submission of applications for the approval of transactions.

We offer a wide range of services relating to sanctions, including:

  • analysing transactions and agreements with regard to sanctions;

  • challenging sanctions restrictions;

  • advising on non-performance of contracts due to sanctions restrictions;

  • preparing applications to the Government Commission for Monitoring Foreign

  • Investment in the Russian Federation for transactions with shares in Russian companies in order to comply with Russian countersanctions legislation;

  • developing and implementing sanctions compliance systems;

  • trainings on sanctions and regulatory issues.